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High schools are now expertly using recruiting videos

The recruiting video trend has officially trickled down to the high school level, and why wouldn't it? For private schools who are allowed to go out and target the top student athletes, it's a logical marketing tool to sell the program.

At the national convention and Michigan conventions, I talked to handful of public school coaches that do something similar to try and get those kids in their school that are "on the fence" about playing to tip in their favor. 

This video is from St. John's high school (SC), who is able to recruit the top student-athletes in the area. Last years version of the video allowed them to land nearly every kid they had on their wish list, and coaches expect this year's version to have similar results.

This one has it all; a smothering defense, big plays on offense, and some hits that will make you cringe.

Seven years ago recruiting videos (as we know them) didn't even exist at the major college level, and now, regardless of the circumstance, there's likely a place in your program for videos like this. If nothing else, your current players will absolutely love them.