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Holgorsen: Geno has a chance to be as good as any I've coached

It sounds as though Dana Holgorsen feels pretty darn good about his quarterback Geno Smith.

Smith, a junior from Miami, FL, threw 24 touchdowns and 7 interceptions as a sophomore for the Mountaineers. He led the Big East is passing efficiency.

Holgorsen said today, “The only game I watched (from last year) was the bowl game. I felt like he (Smith) was really poised. His accuracy is good, his arm strength is good, his footwork is getting better, if he keeps working at it then he has a chance to be as good as anyone I’ve coached.”

As usual, Holgorsen had to address his relationship with head coach Bill Stewart. (You think he’s tired of that question?)

Holgorsen says the relationship is good. “Yeah, it is (good). If it’s not, we got some problems. Our goal is to win. If you’re not on the same page, you’re probably not going to win and nobody is going to be happy. I think they really want to win a championship around here real bad. That’s what we are striving for.”

As the head coach in-waiting, Holgorsen has not been allowed to recruit on the road this spring.

He said, “The one disadvantage of the head coach in-waiting is you can’t go on the road recruiting. I just work phones right now. I do golf tournaments and fund raising events and have been getting on the phone calling kids and calling coaches.”

When August camp begins, Holgorsen wants the Moutaineers to focus on getting first downs. “Leach always said that you gotta get first downs before you can get touchdowns. We are worried about getting first downs.”

WVU opens against Marshall.