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Holgorsen talks about how they killed time

Yesterday's game between West Virginia and Marshall was interrupted and ultimately called early due to inclement weather (rain and lightning).

In his post game talk, Dana Holgorsen was asked what his guys did during the down time during the lightning storm.

Holgorsen: "We had X-Box games going on, we had pool games going on, some guys playing cards in the corner, TVs going on...watching the weather channel, the SMU / Texas A&M game, sitting in the weight room...we thought about putting in some study hall hours; but the academic people weren't here or...."

Funny how teams take on the personality of their head coach...Holgorsen's guys were relaxing, playing games, playing cards, etc...whereas Brian Kelly's squad at Notre Dame, when faced with the same type of delay the day before, "was given something to eat, we worked them out as best we could..."

Holgorsen's post game comments