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Holgorsen talks about what DeForest brings to the staff

Dana Holgorsen sat down with ESPN's David Ubben to talk about the switch to the Big 12 and what new defensive coordinator Joe DeForest brings to the staff.

Holgorsen said that the change is exciting, in part, because of his familiarity with the conference, "I've been at every venue, and I've seen every team. I know what's out there and I know what we've got to do to get better and be able to compete."

That familiarity with the Big 12 stretches to the defensive side of the ball with the recent addition of Joe DeForest as the Mountaineers defensive coordinator. Dana said that one thing that DeForest has brought with him from Oklahoma State is the idea of not worrying about giving up a big play.

"Everybody's going to give up a play in the Big 12. The offenses are so good, but if you give up a play, it doesn't mean that you're going to lose a game." Holgorsen went on to say that is one thing that DeForest preached as part of the defensive staff with the Cowboys last season.

"Just keep playing and make a play at some point to win the game, get turnovers and play with tremendous effort no matter what happens." he added.