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Holgorsen talks with Leach about moving forward

Dana Holgorsen talked with his former head coach Mike Leach today during the Sirius/XM College Football Playbook with Leach & Jack Arute.

Asked how he would pull everyone together including players and coaches, Holgorsen said, “Well, you gotta call a meeting.”

He added, “We just gotta get united as a coaching staff and come together and communicate. We’ll figure out how we want to change specific things organizationally and what we want to keep the same organizationally. And that needs to trickle downs to the players, administrators, and fans as well.”

What about all the commotion the last three weeks? Did it ever get to you?

Holgorsen said, “The only way I know how to get around that stuff is to get up early and get around the kids. I try to ignore it.”

He laughingly said, “My stress release was a day on the river and jumping out of an airplane.” (Here's the video of Holgorsen skydiving.)

Holgorsen did say that he took a few days off after Friday night’s announcement, but acknowledged that he’ll be busy planning itineraries and working on some small organizational things he’d like to change.

Leach butted in to remind his old friend that his book goes on sale soon.

As if Holgorsen has a lot of free time, Leach joked, “I’ll be up there to Morgantown, and we need to sell a lot of books. You can start working on that for me.”

West Virginia opens the season against Marshall on Sunday, September 4. ESPN will broadcast the game at 3:30 EST.