Holgorsen to chill out in Morgantown on Thursday nights

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Dana Holgorsen lived in a hotel his entire time in Stillwater and still lives in a hotel in Morgantown.

Holgorsen told the Charleston Daily Mail, "It's just easy. Convenience is a part of what I do. It makes sense. A lot of stuff that doesn't make sense is inconvenient. I try to live like that. That makes sense to me."

He then compared it to coaching offense.

"That's my approach offensively as far as just making sense of things," Holgorsen explained. "Life's hard. If you make it harder, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

Last season, word circulated that Holgorsen would leave Stillwater on most Thursday nights and chill out in Tulsa, a bigger city.

Holgorsen explained, "Thursday, when practice is over, that's when you have to shut it down a little bit. There isn't a whole lot you can do after that. Thursday night is the night coaches go home and get away from things for a little while.”

“That's why I would go to Tulsa every Thursday night when I lived in Stillwater. When I lived in Houston, there was all kinds of stuff you could do to disappear and get your mind away from football."

Holgorsen admits he’ll be sticking around Morgantown this year on Thursday nights.

"There's enough to do here," he said. "You're going to have plenty of coaches around. We may go to someone's house to watch football and be a fan and have a cookout. It's just about getting away from the office and getting your mind off of it because there's just not a lot you can do at that point."

There's much more from Mike Casazza's article about Holgorsen's simple way of life. It's a good read.

West Virginia starts Spring practice this week. The Moutaineers open against Marshall, Norfolk State, and at Maryland.