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Holgorsen's makes an interesting statement

We instituted a new rule today at FootballScoop, every time we show a beach volleyball video we must immediately follow it with an article focusing on Dana Holgorsen. No idea why, it just seems fitting.

Quick reminder> Despite Louisville's best efforts, West Virginia was invited into and accepted the offer to join the Big 12 and is leaving the Big East behind.

Yesterday Holgorsen sat down for an interview and responded to a question about a statement he made earlier this week. On Tuesday he said that the Big East conference is the "most competitive" conference he's ever been involved with.

His response (see the video below) was basically that, "Well everyone's pretty even...usually there's one or more teams at the top (of a conference) that can play bad and still win (but the Big East doesn't have those teams)."

West Virginia hosts Louisiville Saturday. There has been no confirmation about those "feel free to run up the score this weekend" emails from Oliver Luck to Holgo.