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Holtz & Fitch want passing game to improve after 150 play scrimmage

Skip Holtz led the Bulls through a 150 play scrimmage on Saturday in Vero Beach.

Holtz said, “Kind of a tail of 2 halves. I thought we were somewhat lethargic, didn’t have a lot of energy, didn’t have a lot of passion. We went about 50 plays in the first half, kind of regrouped, decided we were going to get some things done in the second half.”

“Right now, we are a long way from being productive as an offensive football team. I made them drive 80 yards every time. With the penalties, dropped passes, miss an open receiver…inconsistencies in the passing game, I mean we have a lot of work to do, but they’re attitude is going and they are willing.”

Offensive coordinator Todd Fitch added, “First half…very very sluggish. I thought we were tentative a little bit. Second half, I thought we got more physical, more down-hill natured with our run game, which was good to see. We gotta make some plays in the passing game. I thought we had people open, and maybe, didn’t see them. Maybe open, didn’t catch ‘em. First scrimmage, passing game is always going to be a little an issue probably.”

“Probably the biggest thing I come out it (scrimmage) saying is that we gotta play with a little bit better tempo, better chemistry. Our running game has been better at that during camp, but didn’t really show it until the second half.”