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Horton in limbo and the latest from Addazio, Paul Johnson, and Ruffin

Minnesota interim head coach Jeff Horton is in limbo: "There's no idea what's going on next week. (We) haven't really got a timetable for when they want to hire a coach. I'll continue to come in until they say don't come. And we'll continue to monitor the players and get them going because finals are close.”

"Well take care of business that way and get it ready for the next guy coming in. I feel that's our responsibility to be accountable for the players, and we're certainly going to do that. … Whatever happens, happens."

Steve Addazio says the Gator’s players believe in offensive scheme: “The answer to that is simple: They have complete faith and trust and they watch the tape. They know. You come in here and you watch the tape on Sundays and surely see what we set out to do, what happened and what didn’t happen. There’s no mysteries there. One-on-one conversations are about how that particular one guy is doing. Our guys are great, man. They’re great. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. What happens is not complicated to see, it’s not hidden in numbers. It’s on video – there it is.”

“I think you have to try and approach it the way that you approach the other games in preparation. That is the only way that I know how to do it. You can’t get yourself so revved up on Tuesday when the game is on Saturday. You have to build it into the process and if you can’t get motivated to play in this game, then I don’t know which game you will be motivated to play in, for both sides I am sure.”

Paul Johnson frustrated by unmotivated team: “People can cry about schemes and play-calling, but the chemistry and just being able to do that [motivate] are just as important.”

“If I knew (how they were so motivated last year) I would use it this year. I don’t know. It just happens.”

“I’m more frustrated about that than anything else.”

Ruffin McNeill describes year #1 at East Carolina: "It has been a whirlwind. It's gone from one of the biggest challenges to one of the most rewarding times in my life, to another low point and then a high point to come here to East Carolina. It's been an adjustment ... but coming back home has been a blessing."

Kent State safety Brian Lainhart backs defensive staff and coordinator: “I had a meeting with (Nielsen) on Sunday, to tell him about coach Rekstis, (linebackers) coach (Jim) Fleming, (defensive backs) coach (Richard) McNutt and the defensive staff and what they have done in just our room with the 60-guys they have to work with. Coach Rekstis had a top-25 national defense three out of seven years. Just what he has done with 60 guys is great. To see what he could do with 120 guys would be something special.”