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Houston Nutt and Dan Mullen update quarterback situations

Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt and Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen spoke Thursday morning on different radio stations regarding their quarterback situations.

Nutt, who has yet to name a starter, said, “All three of them are doing really well. Nathan (Stanley) has taken off since the spring. Jeremiah (Masoli) has raised everybody’s level. Until you see Randall Mackey live, his arm is very strong, very accurate. He can do so many things.” 

“Jeremiah has the most experience. He’s still not stamped clean with the (NCAA) waiver. Should be done in the next few days. He has all the intangibles a quarterback needs. If you meet him, you would wonder how does a guy like this get in trouble. Being around the right people (is important). When you meet him, you see his genuineness, how humble he is. He’s been doing everything we’ve asked him to do. Just appreciate how he’s gone about things.”

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen compared Chris Relf to former Bowling Green quarterback Josh Harris. He compared redshirt-freshman Tyler Russell to former Utah quarterback Alex Smith.

Regarding Relf, Mullen said, “He’s a completely different guy. Everything from his throwing motion, balance in the pocket, a lot of it is different today than a year ago.”

Mullen explained the bottom line is winning.

He said, “If our quarterback has a bad day, we’re going to be in trouble. A quarterback that fits our offense is one that knows how to win. Style is not as important to me as if they can win.” 

Mullen added, “The 1 offensive line is a strength on offense. There is just no experience behind them. That’s the one position we don’t have a whole lot of depth.”

Nutt appeared on WHBQ56 in Memphis. Mullen appeared on “Out of Bounds Show” with Bo Bounds.