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Houston Nutt explains Masoli decision

As Ole Miss sets to open camp on Sunday, Houston Nutt talked about Jeremiah Masoli.

Nutt stated, "You have an obligation to this organization and that's what I felt. After weighing everything out, especially after we got him here on an official visit, got Jeremiah here, looking him in the eyes, and he understood. I'll have a contract with him. He understands it will be zero tolerance and he has to do what's right."

"I just felt like this was important and the right thing to do at this time. You can always argue both ways and I understand that. I've got to be oblivious to that. I have to be focused about our team and the players. Sometimes that doesn't always feel good, it's not a feel-good decision. But I do feel good about this."

"I feel like we have enough good going on in our locker room, we have enough leadership, guys like Jerrell Powe and Kentrell Lockett and Johnny Brown, Lawon Scott, Jonathan Cornell. I feel good about these guys that are leaders and the heartbeat of our team and they also were very adamant about having another guy like that in our program."

Until the university officially admits Masoli into a graduate program, he will not be allowed to hit the practice field with the Rebels. Ole Miss will practice for the first time at 5:30 EST on Sunday.