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Houston Nutt goes in-depth on Masoli decision

Houston Nutt explained his decision to take Jeremiah Masoli during a Monday morning interview on the Dan Patrick Radio Show.

“The thing that swung it for me was when I got to meet him. What won it over for me was when he got here, I looked him in his eyes and talked to his mom extensively. I just think he’s going to be ok for four months.” 

“He absolutely knows this is his last chance for him to play college football.”

(on Stewart Mandel’s "dirty coach" comments) “That’s a pretty strong word. Obviously, he has no idea about me for him to use that word. I don’t even see how that correlates to myself.”

“I know that I can go to bed at night knowing that first and foremost I first when to Nathan Stanley. 'Nathan, I got a little bit of a problem. Remember when you went out the last three days in the spring. I didn’t have a quarterback. Well, we’re in the SEC now. I need another quarterback. Would you have a problem?' And he didn’t. And then our team said 'Coach, we’ll watch him. We’re not going to let him disrupt us. We need another quarterback. Come on, we trust you.'”

(Was it a desperation move) “I don’t think so.”

(If Snead stayed) “We wouldn’t have had this conversation. If Raymond Cotton stayed, we wouldn’t have this conversation. That’s why I disagree with our man, what’s his name (Dan Patrick says ‘Stewart Mandel’.”

“When he called for the first time at the end of May or June, I told him ‘no we could do that at this time. We had three quarterbacks.’”

“I got an obligation to my team first and foremost. I got an obligation to my players and team first and foremost.”

Listen to the Houston Nutt interview with Dan Patrick