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Houston Nutt: It's hard for us to say 'next'

Houston Nutt and new offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach David Lee aren’t exactly where you want to be with just a couple of practices remaining in spring ball.

The Rebels have not had a quarterback separate himself and a couple of positions (wide receiver and cornerback) lack depth.

On Tuesday, the Rebels found out that linebacker D.T. Shackelford would be lost for the season with a torn ACL.

Following practice, Houston Nutt stated, “The thing about this game is there’s always an opportunity. You’re a play away. You’re always a play away. Sometimes players don’t believe that but you’re a play away.”

“And we’re at a point with our program where it’s hard for us to say ‘next’. We knew these next couple of years, starting with last year, when you lose that many seniors, the ‘Dexters’ group, it’s a building process. And you want to get to where you can always say ‘next’ and we’re not quite there yet. That’s why we’ll have to depend on some freshmen coming in that will have to play. You’d love to redshirt them but they’re going to have to play.”

Ole Miss will play their spring game on Saturday. The Rebels open with BYU. The next three are against Southern Illinois, at Vanderbilt, and Georgia.