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Houston Nutt: Just look at the rule or throw the rule out

Houston Nutt talked with Tim Brando on the Sporting News Radio this morning about the NCAA’s decision on Jeremiah Masoli.

Nutt said, “Just look at the rule or just throw the rule out. Just throw it out.”

“The thing about Jeremiah is that he graduated. He wasn’t kicked out of the university. Yes, he made some mistakes. But I’ve had him for a month and a week, and he’s been an excellent teammate.”

“He was devastated yesterday. It was a real blow. His attitude has been awesome. He still has hope. He is very supportive of Nathan Stanley and Randall Mackey…just has a great attitude.”

“Really could have been a captain. I didn’t want him to be because he hasn’t been here long enough. The guys have a lot of respect for him.”

When Brandon stated his opinion that Masoli was, “being exposed because of past transgressions,” Nutt responded, “That’s right.”

Ole Miss hosts Jacksonville State on Saturday. Kick-off is set for 3:30 pm EST.