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Houston planning for a new stadium


Based on the initial outline and illustrations, Houston has plans to open a new $105 million on-campus stadium set to be ready by the 2014 season opener. The location of the stadium will be the same place that they have played since 1995, where Robertson Stadium currently sits.

The University has reportedly been in talks with Reliant Stadium to use as their home field during the 2013 season while the new field is being built. A decision on that should be made by the end of the month.

As far as the new stadium goes, the orientation has been changed to an East to West layout in order to provide fans and the TV audiences with a view of the Houston skyline, and ease some of the sun exposure that fans seated on the east side of the stadium previously had experienced in Robertson Stadium. Seating capacity wise, the stadium will initially seat 40,000 with a design in mind to allow it expand to a future capacity of 60,000. 

A new and more efficient parking system will also be put in place.

According to My Fox Houston, the Board of Regents have approved an initial financial package of $85 million, with the rest of the $15 million to be raised later on.

More pictures on the project can be seen below.