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How Andy Reid told Todd Bowles he'd be taking over as defensive coordinator

Yesterday morning, Eagles defensive backs coach Todd Bowles got the news that he'd be named defensive coordinator after Andy Reid decided to let go Juan Castillo in Philadelphia.

Bowles went through his usual morning routine, working out with a few other assistants before getting to the office at 5:30am and grabbing some breakfast.

It was then that Reid called Bowles into his office to tell him of the new direction that he wanted to take the franchise, with him running the defense for the rest of the season.

“He said he’s going to go with his gut and he felt it was the right thing to do.” Bowles said.

After serving as the interim head coach for Dolphins for the last three games of the season last year, Bowles said that he developed an understanding of the tough decisions that a head coach has to make.

“I sat in his seat for three games last year and being a head coach is not easy. You’ve got to make unpopular decisions at the time and hope they become popular. It’s no different than everybody else that has to make decisions when you’re in that seat. You’ve got to make that call. That was a call he made, and I don’t think he had any help from anybody. It’s just something that he told me.”