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How Randy Jordan got used to the tempo at UNC

During the third or fourth day of practice, running backs coach Randy Jordan got a real good visual of the tempo that Coach Fedora uses for practice.

Coaches were running around everywhere yelling and motivating players to get to the next drill quickly, so that's exactly what he did. Now while he considered himself a high tempo, high energy kind of coach, his running backs weren't used to seeing him like that, and asked him about it when they got to the drill.

Jordan took a step or two out of the box in the interview when asked about his favorite workout song, admitting that it's by Justin Bieber. Jordan then explains that he needs to keep tabs on what his teenage daughter is listening to, which is why he is familiar with Bieber in the first place. 

On a more serious note, Jordan also talks about the best golfer on the North Carolina staff (offensive coordinator Blake Anderson), and does his best impression of head strength and conditioning coach Lou Hernandez.