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How the iPad will make your job easier

Over the past two years we have seen broad adoption of the iPad as the dominant tablet in the US. The same can be said within the college coaching profession. Entire staffs are converting entirely to the Apple platform. Those who aren't converting entirely are still feeling the pressure to switch or have already switched to iPhones and iPads.

In our opinion, those who haven't yet, will soon enough. The platform is simply that good.

Perhaps some of you think we're talking about the basic apps that tell a little about your program that the marketing guys say "we have to have"; but that's really not what we're talking about at fact, unless those are custom written we tend to think those just look like a website forced onto a tablet. What we're talking about are apps that make your job easier and your life better. We're talking about the game changers...

With that said, we've had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the leading companies working to ensure you get the most out of your iPhone and iPad experience.

As you saw recently, OT Software sponsored our Pac-12 Tour and their custom iPad software is so impressive that Mike and his team are already writing custom programs for multiple Pac-12 teams. This stuff is a game changer.

As most of you are aware, you can now watch and edit your videos on Hudl's iPad app (if it isn't already, this will become the most used iPad app for coaches nationwide very quickly). The guys at Hudl are on the cutting edge of video editing and delivery and more great things will come from this company. 

Today we noticed the video below that showcases Jump Forward's iPad app which also is very impressive in it's capabilities. Watch the video and think about what a step forward that is from where compliance / recruiting software was two or three years ago...

At FootballScoop we're big believers in utilizing technologies that will make your jobs easier. If you are aware of another software or app that you feel we should share with our audience, please let us know @FootballScoop or via