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How to develop your third string and redshirts

During the season, it can get tough to get your redshirt players and third stringers quality reps running your scheme. 

Dave Clawson and his staff at Bowling Green have devised a plan to address that.

Occasionally after practice (every third practice to be exact), Clawson and the staff will keep the third string and redshirt guys after practice and go through separate indy, skelly, pass rush, and team sessions with them.

"I just told our three's and redshirts that our priority, right now, is to win in 2012. But we never lose fact of the sight that we want to develop the players in the program so that we're good in '13, '14 and '15."

"The payoff for doing this may not show up until 2015, but that's okay." Clawson added.