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How to measure a productive quarterback

According to Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, there's no simpler way to gage a quarterback's productivity than to take a look at the numbers.

Working with a young quarterback, Herman is focused on two numbers in particular, turnovers and completion percentage.

"For us, the protection of the football and managing the game is really big."

"Obviously a lot of that comes down to completion percentage when you talk about managing the game, so those two are the biggest things if you are evaluating whether or not a guy had a great Saturday." Herman explained.

But as Herman explains, all that is relative, as long as the quarterback is able to manage the game.

"Obviously in the turnovers, you know, he can't turn the ball over, whether it's interceptions or fumbles, that's probably the biggest thing. If a kid throws the football 25 times a game throughout the course of a 12 or 14 game season...and this is pie in the sky...6 but he never threw an interception, you wouldn't have to look at completion percentage or touchdowns thrown or anything."