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How to respond when your name is involved in coaching rumors

No body likes them; but rumors are part of life. If you are a college football coach, you likely despise them. 

When you are the face of a major program (and you're winning) the chances of schools approaching you regarding your interest in other opportunities obviously increase. That's when the rumors start to swirl.

In our eyes, there's two ways to approach those rumors once you've successfully put yourself in a position to be considered. You can either dance around the questions, knowing that you're not doing yourself any favors as the process continues to play out (perhaps with the aim of getting a raise for yourself or your staff), or you can vehemently deny the rumors, put them to rest, and move on (much like James Franklin has the past two seasons).

It seems to us that most coaches comfortable and confident with where they're at would just shoot them down and happily move on.

Earlier today, Charlie Strong addressed the media on rumors that he has interviewed, or is in the mix, at a couple openings across the country. Take a look at how he responds to the "rumors".