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How would Bob Knight have responded to these post-practice questions?

Bo Pelini fielded questions from reporters immediately following Monday morning's practice. Pelini exhibited a great deal of restraint in responding to what seemed to be a long list of largely irrelevant questions.

Watch the video of Pelini meeting with reporters here.

Below, we are listing a few of the questions Pelini responded to:

Question #3: Can you tell with the day off if the boys were a little fresher today?

Question #5: Bo, how was the unity council selected and how do fans find out who’s on it?

Question #7: How much more does the intensity get turned up for you guys when you go twice a day?

Question #8: Do you get more work done with the 2 go’s?

Question #9: When it comes to the Texas game, not from an opponent’s standpoint, but from an official visit standpoint, it seems like it’s becoming the popular game that kids want to come to. Do you have to manage that situation even before the season begins? 

We wonder how Bob Knight would have responded to some of these questions?