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How would you fix the extra point? FootballScoop readers weigh in

Earlier today, we posted an article about the obscene proficiency in which professional kickers converted extra points this season. In 1,261 tries, they missed five. That's a 99.6 percent conversion rate, and Bill Belichick thinks it's too high. 

"I personally would love to see the kicking game remain as a very integral part of the game so that the kickoffs are returned and so that extra points are not over 99 percent converted because that’s not what extra points were when they were initially put into the game back 80 years ago, whatever it was," the three-time Super Bowl winner said.

After the article posted we, naturally, turned to the astute group of minds that follow @FootballScoop on Twitter to crowdsource how to fix the extra point.

Here's a sampling of what we received:

I think this idea is my favorite

This one also got Scott's wheels spinning.

This is my second favorite idea.

Now this is just insane, sir.

But here is the clear winner.