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How would you like to be 12-deep at defensive line?

How would you like to be 12-deep on the defensive line?

Yes, you read that correctly, “12-deep.”

When Florida hosts Miami (OH) on Saturday in The Swamp, the Gators will rotate twelve (we’re guessing 4 or 5-stars) on the defensive line.

Must be nice.

Florida defensive line coach Dan McCarney says, “I’m hoping to play 10 or 12 guys regardless of the score or what time of the game it is. I really want to play a lot of guys and I’m planning on it.”

“We’d like to see (an early blowout), but I’m not waiting around for that,” he said. “I’m rotating regardless of the score. By Saturday, we’ll have a real good 10-, 11-, 12-man rotation and hopefully they’ll be ready to go.”

Kick-off is set for 12 pm EST on ESPN.