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HS coach proposes fundraising idea: Spurrier vs. Swinney in Wrestlemania

All throughout the season Dabo Swinney and Steve Spurrier took subtle (and not so subtle) jabs at one another. With the two sharing the same state, it has become customary at this point.

Things got really interesting earlier this week when the two head coaches visited the exact same high school (North Gwinnett HS), on the same day, at nearly the exact same time.

Now, fireworks didn't exactly erupt, but as Dabo was walking out with North Gwinnett coach Bob Sphire, Spurrier walked in. Sphire explains how the next few moments played out in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Dabo was in here first, and I was telling him how entertaining those two have been with their quotes back and forth, and their banter. You know, the first thing (Swinney) said was ‘I really like him (Spurrier). We’re really good friends.’ I will be darned if that wasn’t the first thing that Spurrier told me when I tried to stir it up. He said, ‘I really like Dabo. We’re really good friends.'" Sphire explained.

“Anyways, Dabo was leaving out when Spurrier was coming in, and I stopped them and said, ‘Look, I’ve got a fundraising idea. There’s a 1,000 kids over there in the cafeteria right now for lunch. We’re going to go over and wrestle, and I’m going to charge admission.’"

"“They just smiled and laughed. They talked to each other for a little bit. I told Coach Spurrier that I get a kick out of his little digs, the way he stirs everybody up. I think it’s funny.”

How awesome would that have been? Is there any coach in the country that would not have paid the price of admission for that? Great idea coach Sphire, we tip our cap to you.

Now that it's been brought up as a possibility, there is no word yet on if Spurrier is now recruiting with a singlet on under his polo, patiently waiting for the next coach to bring up the opportunity.