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HS program gets creative to unveil captains and new unis


When you combine two ideas featured on The Scoop, and then use those ideas to come up with something exciting and creative for your program, chances are pretty good that you're going to earn yourself some recognition.

The program at Potomac HS (VA) had to overcome some major obstacles last season. While their new football facility was being built, the team had to play all their games on the road. That adversity didn't phase them, as the team went on to win all their district games and made the playoffs against the odds. Following the season, the head coach decided to retire and defensive coordinator Keith King took the reigns.

As if last years success, a new head coach and a new facility weren't enough to excite the fan base, Potomac also came out with some new uniforms, new helmets, and new logos as well.

Since their program is going through a ton of new changes this fall, the coaching staff decided that Oregon's video highlighting "Change" perfectly fit their situation, and they mixed in their own flavor with some pictures from last season and also managed to fit the uniform reveal and unveiled the team captains at the end as well.

The video itself is both creative and fitting for the program heading into 2013 and more pics of the helmet can be seen below.