Hudspeth: There's no magic formula to prepare during bye week

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Mark Hudspeth and the Ragin' Cajuns (2-1, 1-0) are coming off of a bye week after their first loss of the season (a 24-65 loss to Oklahoma State).

This week, Louisiana-Lafayette continues conference play, taking on Florida International (1-3). FIU is coming off a seven point loss to a Top 25 opponent in Louisville.

Towards the end of his presser yesterday, Hud was asked whether having an extra week to prepare has been helpful or hurtful in his past coaching stops.

"I did do a little self reflection, and went back and looked at a couple schedules of places that I had been before and looked at how we came out of bye weeks."

"We had some games where we came out really sharp, might have been because of the extra preparation. And then I went back and saw a game or two where we did not play very sharp. You look back and say 'Boy did we lose momentum or did we get sluggish?'"

"Whatever the course may be, the thing that I tried to stress upon last week is we try to keep our foot on the gas and condition hard and kept that edge in conditioning."

"I don't think anybody has the magic formula, I think that secret is still out there. I think it all depends on maybe the make up of your team, their maturity and how they handle things."