Huge coaching secret revealed

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For the past ten years, perhaps no receivers coach in the country has landed (and subsequently developed) more tier 1 talent than Gunter Brewer. Everybody knows the G-Brew coached Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon; but honestly there are about 10 other ballers in the league who Gunter has coached as well...ever heard of a guy named Randy Moss? Yeah...

Well, coaches across the country have been asking for years how does G-Brew land and then develop all this talent. For years the word has always been that he is just incredibly passionate about his profession and has devoted his life to improving the lives of these young men. He truly gives everything he has to these players. 

Having known Gunter for several years now, and his father before that, I can attest that he truly is one of the good guys in the profession. OK, with all that said, there still was some belief in the back of some coaches minds that Brewer had a secret up his sleeve that helped all these players become so enamored with coach Brew. Today that secret has been revealed...

Roll the tape and prepare to laugh yourself silly at Gunter Brewer's dancing ability!

On behalf of the entire coaching community, we'd like to thank the North Carolina video staff for not immediately burning this video once it hit the servers.