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Hugh Freeze is proving a point by going for it on 4th down

Some coaches believe in Pulaski Academy (AR) head coach Kevin Kelley's thought process of always going for it on fourth down because of data that supports it, and the idea that you're given four downs for a reason. Other coaches play the field position game and rely on their defense.

And then there is the Hugh Freeze way of doing it, which is a little different way of thinking of the situation entirely. Freeze understands that in his second year with the program, he and his staff are still trying to instill a mindset in their guys, and going for it on fourth down is their way of saying that they aren't out there battling to come away "close". 

Freeze explained his fourth down philosophy this year at his presser today, and this quote sums it up quite well. 

Through their first five games (four of which have been on the road), Freeze has given the green light on fourth down 17 times (first nationally) and converted on 9 of those attempts (53%).

With his next six games at home (including the next two against top ten teams in Texas A&M and LSU), you can bet on Freeze keeping his foot on the gas pedal to help drive home his point, and I'd be willing to bet that his players are just as jacked about going for it as he is. You know the home crowd in Oxford is going to go nuts, and that's got to be an advantage that the Rebels are going to feed off from the next few weeks.