Hurricanes go full-pads with coaches mic'd up

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Miami (FL) went full-pads last week and Canes All-Access was there to film the session.

Al Golden is preaching physical football. He wants a certain level of physical football to be a part of the Canes’ DNA.

When a period didn’t go as expected, Golden circled ‘em up and went straight to 1 on 1 board drill.

Golden explained, “What I was trying to do there was tell them the period we just got out of was unacceptable. And we’ll do it again if we have to. I didn’t like the way it started and I didn’t like the way that looked. In the end, that (physical football) will be a part of our DNA. We are going to keep working until we can weave than into our fabric.”

The best part is offensive line Art Kehoe mic’d up.

Kehoe says, “We want to have a philosophy of ‘attack.’ We are going to come up to the line and do it fast. We want you to know it’s not an elephants on parade type of deal. We are coming out to hit you in the teeth and to run through you. Whatever it takes to get them to finish through the whistle.”

Here’s the video: