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Huxtable: 'Offensive coordinators have made it hard on us'

Dave Huxtable joined head coach Dave Doeren and the NC State staff as the defensive coordinator back in mid December, and in a recent interview noted how spread offenses are making life difficult for defensive coordinators.

With the overall athleticism and skill sets of guys on offense getting better and better, offensive coordinators continue to spread people out to get their guys in space, and a lot of defensive coordinators prefer a three man front in order to get more of their defensive speed on the field. However, Huxtable remains an advocate of the 4-3.

For him, it all starts with controlling the line of scrimmage with those four defensive lineman.

"Everything starts up front in playing good defense and getting four big war daddies up there that can dominate and control the line of scrimmage. That's where it's all going to start for us." Huxtable explained.

Huxtable also talks about the importance of coming in and sharing the defensive philosophy and expectations of Dave Doeren (being a like-minded defensive coach), as well as who he looks at as his mentor in the coaching profession.