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'We're one of the best in the country at developing young men'

When longtime offensive coordinator Dave Yost resigned at Missouri in early December, Josh Henson was ready to take on the added responsibility of being the play caller.

When you take a look at his experiences at recruiting and developing talent at places like LSU, Oklahoma State, and now Mizzou, it's easy to see why head coach Gary Pinkel knew he had the right guy on staff to take over for Yost. Henson has helped mold numerous NFL players and he also understands that his responsibility as a coach goes beyond the striped white lines.

"I think what's really unique about the way that coach Pinkel does things, and the way our staff does things is that we develop players. I think that we're one of the best programs in the country at developing young men." Henson explained.

"You look at these guys that are two stars...first round draft picks, then five stars...first round draft picks. We're going to get players here and we're going to develop them as players and as people. I don't think, that as a young man, you can put a price tag on that."

Coach Henson gets it. That's what coaching is all about.