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If you like college football history, there's a new Twitter account worth following

If you're on Twitter - and if not, what in the world are you waiting for? - chances are you follow somewhere between 200 and 1,000 people. And if you're like me, between the coaches, media members and team accounts you follow, you've got a few accounts sneaked in like @EarthPix or @HistoryInPics as a chance to sprinkle in a little mental vacation throughout the day. (If you're following Gary Patterson, he's following all of them for you.)

There's a college football version of those photo accounts that popped up this week, and it's quickly become an essential follow if you enjoy the history of the game.

Debuting on just three days ago, @NCAACathedrals has built up an audience of 295 followers (up from 35 when I first discovered the account), and its sole purpose is to disperse classic images of famous college football stadiums. They bring you skeletons of the famous stadiums you see every Saturday before they became monstrosities of concrete and luxury boxes.

Take a trip to the museum of college football without leaving your office chair.