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If you're looking to go up tempo, make sure your staff is in shape

With so many programs going no huddle in the college game today, coaches are trying to recruit the fastest players available in order to give their offense an edge.

While many coaches will look at their roster and the recruiting board for ways to increase their tempo, the coaching staff at Florida Atlantic took a closer look at themselves.

According to the Palm Beach Post, after spring ball, FAU offensive coordinator Brian Wright reflected on their tempo and thought that maybe it was him and his offensive staff were the ones slowing down the pace of the offense. So over the summer Wright challenged the coached to get in better shape, and come into fall camp ready to kick it up a notch.

“We said, you know what? We are going to challenge ourselves to be in the best condition that we can be in so that we can be uptempo with the players. We are asking our players to be uptempo - play a no-huddle style of offense. We wanted to be able to coach at an uptempo speed.” Wright explained.

Over the summer, the offensive staff took that challenge seriously. The Post notes that Wright dropped the highest amount of body fat (8% drop over the summer), and receivers coach Jeff Sims lost the most amount of weight (20 pounds). Head coach Carl Pelini was a huge fan of the idea and noted that the coaches are a lot more active on the practice field, and the "whole offense is being upbeat and fast tempo".

So, if you're looking at going up tempo this fall take a page out of the FAU staff's book and look beyond your roster and recruiting board, and into the mirror to make sure it's not you and your coaching staff slowing things down.