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If you recruit Dallas-Fort Worth or South Florida, read this article

In our never-ending quest to serve football coaches, we're looking to create the Ultimate Guide to Recruiting (Fill In Your City Here).

We want to know where the best places to eat, stay and go out when you're recruiting, say, New Orleans? What are the high school staffs you really have to visit with in Chicago? Who are the other coaches you hope to run into when you're recruiting the Bay Area? That's the stuff we're looking to find out.

Our ultimate goal is to create a one-stop-shop recruiting guide for 10 or so cities across the country, but right now we're starting with Dallas-Fort Worth and South Florida. Every program in the country recruits one of those regions, so we figure it's a good place to start. So if you have experience recruiting either one of those areas, here's what we want to know:

- What's the best area of town to stay? Do you have a specific hotel you stay in every time you're in town?

- Is there a specific place you like to visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

- Where are the best places to go out when you get some down time?

- Which high school staffs do you really look forward to talking ball with? Is there a high school coach that has a great story every time you drop by?

- What coaches from other colleges do you really hope to run into while you're in town?

- What recruiter has the best reputation in the area?

- What else do you need to know if you're recruiting Dallas-Fort Worth or South Florida?

If you'd like to contribute, email us at, on Twitter @zach_barnett or call/text (940) 395-0496.

As always, all sources remain confidential.