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'If you want to put in a new wrinkle, make sure it looks the same up front'

Every time that Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman gives an interview, especially those with the Big Ten Network, he seems to drop a few interesting nuggets. It's no wonder he's considered amongst college football coaches as one of the assistants primed to make the move to a head coaching position.

In an interview that the Big Ten Network that they released yesterday, Herman talked about how they've taken a look at a few new offensive additions this off season. Among those additions were Dana Holgorsen's now infamous "diamond" formation, and they also took a close look at how the 49ers utilized Colin Kaepernick. Herman had their offensive grad assistants go through the cutups to see what concepts would be able to implement.

Then Herman made an interesting point. While every staff in the country looks for a new formation, or play, or wrinkle, the Buckeye offensive coordinator points out one area that should maintain a sense of consistency.

"The last thing you want to do is ask the five guys up front to have to do much different. If you are putting in a new wrinkle, you want to be able to say to the five guys up front, “same as.” This is the same as this, or this is the same as that. You dress up the backfield however you wanna dress it up. But you have to keep those five guys up front not overloaded." Herman explained.

"They have so much to think about with so many different fronts and movements they can see. So, yes, we studied the Niners and pulled from them what we felt might fit us and would work with our formations and schemes and went from there."

Take a look at the full interview with Herman here, including how the deal with expectations on the offensive side of the ball, what defense gave them the most issues last fall, and more on the installation of the "diamond" formation and the advantages that it presents.