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If you're showing your guys highlight films a day before the game, you're doing it wrong

One thing is certain in Columbus; you won't catch the Buckeyes watching a highlight film on Friday night before a game.

However, you will see the team engaging in some interesting team building activities, which is one big change from their long Friday night meetings under Jim Tressel.

Before the steak or chicken dinners on Friday night (one tradition that has been carried over), the team will get together for an occasional home run derby in their indoor facility or to do their best "trick shot quarterback" impression throwing balls the length of the court into basketball hoops.

Another one of the changes in the routine this year is the availability of snacks at the team hotel for players, something that was not available under the previous staffs, and it's a wrinkle that players have really enjoyed.

The relaxed atmosphere the day before actual game day is something that Urban Meyer says that he picked up during his time at Colorado State under Sonny Lubick, and it forces the players to shift their mindset from relaxed and fun to focused a few times throughout the day.

"His whole theme was they have to get their rest on a Friday night. You can't be showing highlight tapes to them Friday night, get them all razzled up. You're dealing with 17, 18, 19 year-old kids." 

Instead of a highlight film on Friday night, players wake up at about 7 am on game day and grab breakfast, have a few meetings and do a walk through, then they are shown the highlight tape. One player described the highlight film on game day as a way to "lock in."

Meyer says that he likes the way that the guys build camaraderie during those pregame activities and get to wind down with a good meal before ultimately refocusing on the game before they head to bed.

Just to make sure they're all focused before lights out, Urban does the nightly bed checks himself.

"I check in each guy. I go around to each room and have a little conversation with each guy before they go to bed." he noted.