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Illinois Staff update

As we've been telling you on The Scoop, Tim Beckman is bringing two staff members with him from Toledo. 

Alex Golesh and Mike Ward were on site today at Illinois and spoke with reporters (see videos below). At Toledo, Golesh was the recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach. Ward was co-defensive coordinator. 

Our sources tell us these are the only full time assistants that will join Beckman. 

If you listen to Golesh and Ward speak, it's very clear how fluid the situation is...both will be full time assistants; but neither is sure which position they will coach...Golesh doesn't sound like he knows which side of the ball he'll be on.

In fairness, this isn't the first time we've seen a situation like this; and it really wasn't unexpected once Toledo named Matt Campbell head coach. Beckman is trying to maintain as much flexibility as possible to hire the best possible coaches for his staff.