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Immediately after practice...


A lot of programs now a days are using "cool" or "ice" tubs to help the players bodies reset following practice. 

Well, we just read about how Oregon does it. As you might imagine, their process is highly efficient.

Steven Wright took a tour of the new facility recently. His recap is excellent; but here's the blurb we found most interesting...

On to the parking lot, which has a reserved space for Len Casanova (revered former Oregon head football coach and athletic director who passed away in 2002). While the parking lot is nice, it really isn’t all that interesting… except that it over-looks one of those well thought-out details. The lot looks out over one of the practice fields and just to our left are two pools, side-by-side, each about 60 feet long and 10 feet wide, looking like lap pools at a nice hotel. However, these pools serve a very special purpose. After practice, players come up from the field and strip off their shoes and pads, then enter the first pool. The water temperature is approximately 57 degrees and the players walk neck deep in the water all the way to the other end. They then walk back neck deep through the second pool, which is at approximately 74 degrees. The first cold water pool causes muscles to contract, squeezing out toxins and lactic acid. Warmer water in the second pool increases blood flow to carry away those toxins, thus reducing much of the stiffness and soreness commonly experienced by players following heavy work-outs. No place else has such a system. Simple. Well thought-out. Efficient.

Picture of the two pools>

Click here to see video and pictures Oregon has released. The facility is the best in football.