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"It's never about the buildings, it's always about the people

When Sonny Dykes took the Cal job and brought his offensive staff with him from Louisiana Tech, the group was committing to moving halfway across the country to an area of the country with a completely new culture and environment. That's just the way that the coaching profession works sometimes.

Some advice from Sonny's dad, Spike (a longtime head coach at Texas Tech), really resonated with offensive coordinator Tony Franklin when he got out to Berkeley that should really ne heard by everyone in the coaching profession, and athletics in general.

"It's never about the buildings, it's always about the people."

That's so true, especially in a profession that is so people driven like coaching is. Franklin goes on to add that the people he's come across out on the West coast have made his transition a whole lot easier.

"This has been a good people place, and not just the people that you work with and the administration and all of that, but the players, the people in the community, and people that could care less that I coach football."