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'In the coaching profession today, relevance means more than acumen'

Al Groh has been trying to keep busy since being relieved of the defensive coordinator duties at Georgia Tech back on October 8th, and while he's been trying to "practice the retired life", he quoted former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore in the Roanoke Times when asked whether he was ready to hang up the whistle.

"When the Colts were going to their second Super Bowl, there was a big article written about Tom Moore and his symbolic relationship with Peyton Manning." Groh explained.

"Somebody asked him 'Hey Tom, if you win a second one with're 72 years old, do you think that might be a time to retire?"

Moore responded to the question by saying "Retire? I don't have plans ever to retire. I guess when nobody wants to hire me, that's when I'll be finished." Groh cut that quote out and saved it for a later date.

That later date has come as Groh is now 68, with an established resume in both college and the NFL. Despite his release earlier in the year, Groh said that he's more motivated than ever and has had time on his hand the past few years as a coordinator to research a lot of things and added to his defensive scheme.

"I've got all the ambition and energy that I've ever had. Frankly, I probably know the most I've ever known." Groh said. :These past three years, without some of the [head-coaching] responsibilities I had, has given me a real good opportunity to research a lot of things and expand my systems."

Then Groh noted a recent conversation he had with Bill Polian, who was instrumental in the Colts rise to prominence and Super Bowl victories. Polian told Groh that in today's game "relevance means more than acumen. Sometimes they're just looking for the new guy."

That's an interesting perspective from someone that knows a thing or two about the business, as Polian has rebuilt numerous NFL franchises (Buffalo, Carolina and Indianapolis) into Super Bowl contenders during his time with the franchises.