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In the film room with Michigan State secondary coach Harlon Barnett

 At this point in the year, you've heard it all about Michigan State's dominating defense. 

Courtesy of the Big Ten Network, now you get to go in the film room and learn a a bit about what makes them so successful against the run (#1 ranked run defense), and against the pass (#2 pass defense rating).

If you've been to any clinic where a Michigan State defensive coach has talked over the past five years, the things that most people want to know revolve around the structure of the defense, and how they're able to run their cover 4 so effectively. Secondary coach Harlon Barnett touches on both of those things in this clip.

"We look at our defensive front, at times, as a nine man front counting both safeties to stop the run. In saying that, our corners are pretty much out on islands and have to play with great, pressed up man technique the entire game."

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