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Infographic: Each NFL team's last three head coaches


The folks at the Sports Geeks put together an outstanding infographic on Friday charting each NFL team's last three head coaches. 

The Cleveland Browns are at the bottom of the list for their three head coaches in three years, but the Houston Texans are the most interesting test case here. Launched in 2002, the Texans will break in their third head coach in the last baker's dozen seasons. Seventeen of the remaining 31 franchises have had an equal amount or more turnover than that. 

Checking in at the top of the list are the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants and New England Patriots, three paragons of stability from the ownership down. Is it any wonder then why those three clubs have more Super Bowls (12) than the bottom 10 teams on the list (10)?

(via @thesportsgeeks)