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Inside Scoop: Inside the NFL / NCAA Coaches Academy


Last week the NFL & NCAA hosted a coaches academy for 60 up and coming coaches. We spoke with three participants about their experience at the academy and spoke with NFL Vice President of Player Engagement Troy Vincent about the NFL's input into the academy. 

Each of the coaches we spoke with (see the full list of coaches that attended) raved about their experience at the coaches academy. 

Vincent told us that the goal of the academy is to prepare these coaches to be better leaders of men; both on the field and in the communities in which they live. "This isn't about Xs and Os, this is a different kind of boot camp for coaches" Vincent told FootballScoop. He went on to say that coaches talk Xs & Os all the time within their staff and with other coaches; but they rarely get to spend time preparing in a professional environment to handle all of the other things that go into being a great coach. "The academy is about professional and personal development." 

One of the coaches that attended told us, "My head coach recommended me. It was very educational. Personal and professional conduct, leadership, budget, contracts, search firms, interview process, media training, etc... were all areas were learned a lot about. It's also great for networking. Speakers from 8AM to 9PM. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is invited to attend." 

Vincent told us that 30 current NCAA assistant coaches were invited to participate (based upon recommendations from their head coaches) and another 30 former NFL players (some of whom are currently coaching, others are looking to get into the profession) were invited to participate. 

Look through the agenda below and you will see a great program for the development of coaches that want to take their careers to the next level..."leadership", "personal and professional conduct", Business operations, "becoming a head coach", "strategic crisis navigation", the "search" process, "contracts"... all great stuff that you typically don't have many opportunities to truly learn about / prepare for. 

From all accounts, the coaches academy was a tremendous success and we're sure that it will be "oversubscribed" next year.

Vincent also told us that they are hosting a "Champions Group" in late June which will consist of 16 coaches that have been selected to participate based on the belief that within the next 1-3 years these coaches will be in a position to accept a head coaching job. We'll keep you informed about that one as well. 

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