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Inside Scoop: Pat Fitzgerald

In 2006, Pat Fitzgerald was named head coach at Northwestern at the ripe age of 31. Since that date, Fitz has turned Northwestern into a model program. He has won more than just football games in his six-plus years at the helm (though he's done plenty of that with a 47-39 record) but also the respect of the college football world, for himself and his program. At a school that went nearly 50 years between bowl games, it's now news when Northwestern doesn't appear in the postseason as this winter the Wildcats will play in their fifth straight bowl. 

His success has come from embracing the university's strengths and turning what some aspects that be might perceived as challenges into selling points for his program. Those in the game consider Fitz one of the ideal head coaches, the type of guy you would ask to create a program from scratch. 

Last week we ran an article questionning whether "He's too young" was a valid criticism of potential head coaches. Watch the video above and hear how he responds to that one and you'll quickly be able to see why so many other coaches think Fitz will go down as one of the great coaches of our generation.