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Interesting comments from Shannon, Riley, Ellis, and Jimbo

Kent State head coach Doug Martin releases a statement after resignation: "I want Kent State fans to know what a great group of assistant coaches we have here. The character of these men is unquestioned and the job that they've done is outstanding. I'd also like to thank the university for the opportunity to lead this team for the last seven years."

Randy Shannon points out he’s the only coach in the ACC to play FSU & VA Tech every year: “I’m a competitive guy and sometimes people have to calm me down, say `Look at these things here’ and it brings you back in perspective. We were 5-7 [my first year], the next year had a winning record. Some coaches haven’t had winning records in four years, five years and then start to get them going, still haven’t won championships.”

“I don’t compare myself to those coaches, but they give me a more realistic view of, `Do I want it to happen quick? Yes. Am I striving to have it quick? Yes. Am I trying to win a championship? Yes, quick.’ But our schedule has been the toughest the last four years of anyone in the country.”

“Every year I have to play [rival] Florida State and Virginia Tech. Nobody else in the ACC has to play those two schools. You realize that? Nobody ever thought about that.”

Mike Riley says “one day at a time” model helped beat USC: “It was very simple what we put in front of our coaches and our team. … we hadn’t played well for two weeks in a row, that was our biggest crime. We had to approach each day, get the most out of it, and then hope that carried over into the game.’’

Ellis Johnson talks about Clemson / South Carolina rivalry: “Thirty years ago, I bet 85 percent of the rosters came down to picking between Carolina and Clemson. Our players couldn’t relate to it because their players never really visited us and our players never really visited Clemson. You’d be surprised how few players on our roster and on their roster boil their decision down to Clemson and Carolina.”

Jimbo Fisher says winning is a culture: "Winning is a culture and it's a habit. And it's not only winning on the field, it's the way you walk, you talk, you eat, you breathe, you believe. And everybody in the organization, not just the players and the coaches, but everybody who affects those kids has to have that mentality. That's what we're starting to bring back."