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Interesting Friday comments from the "High Flames Commander" and Dan Mullen

Some interesting quotes from Tommy Tuberville from the Tim Brando's Friday Football Festival: “You can control any game you play when you play great defense. But it’s hard to predict what’s going happen when you don’t. When we don’t play good on offense, it’s going to be a disaster. We just can’t slow anybody down.”

“(Against Missouri) Our offense, maybe for the first time in 10 or 12 years here at Texas Tech, our offense ran for 200 yards, so our defense was able rest.” 

(on Taylor Potts) “Heck, he’s thrown for 3,000 yards. I didn’t throw for 3,000 yards in 5 years at Auburn.”

“You have to have speed rushers in the Big 12. Not necessarily in the SEC because you have to stop the run, but in the Big 12, everyone throws it, so you better be able to rush the passer.”

"Before I go, I want you to know that Ron Franklin has re-nicknamed me the “High Flames Commander,” I kinda like what you gave me (back in the day)...the Mississippi Riverboat Gambler.”

Dan Mullen responds to Tim Brando’s notion that he and Mike Gundy are the coaches of the year in college football: “There’s still a lot of football to be played. I’ve been pretty smart the last 6 games, but you can become pretty dumb in a hurry when you play Alabama. We’ll see.”

“We’ve been able to play team football all year, too. We’ve played to the strengths of our team. Our offensive line, they’ve done a great job of carrying us. And we have 2 senior kickers, a senior kicker and senior punter. All year, I’ve seen our team complement each other. When we need a big play on special teams, we’ve gotten a big play on special teams. We’re not going to be able to be one dimensional down the stretch. We’re going to have to make plays running the football and throwing the football.���