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Interesting strategy by Gary Pinkel

Friday night's game between Missouri and Arizona State was entertaining. ASU wound up winning 37-30 in OT after Mizzou's kicker (Grant Ressel) missed from 48 at the end of regulation.

With 17 seconds remaining in regulation and with his kicker lined up to try to win it from 48, Gary Pinkel called a timeout as the play clock ran down. Then, with everyone lined up again...the clock ticked down again and then Pinkel called another timeout. Unfortunately for Pinkel, his kicker wound up missing the kick...and they lost in OT.

So, why the two timeouts? Well, we have now learned. Pinkel noticed the winds were gusting and 48 is just about the end of his kicker's reliable range (he had hit from 47 earlier; but missed from 54). Pinkel noted that the ASU defense was jumpy and he thought they were trying to time a big push up the middle. Pinkel instructed his holder and center to try to get the defense to jump, thinking another 5 yards would have made a difference on the kick.

Interesting strategy. If the ASU defense had in fact jumped (and the kicker then makes the kick), Pinkel's decision would have become legendary.