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Is committing one week of practice enough to stop the triple option?

In on of the more interesting coaching decisions of the season, I came across an article on detailing Syracuse's commitment to stop Georgia Tech's option by preparing for it as far back as summer.

Every defensive coach in the country knows how daunting it can be to prepare for the triple option, so Scott Schafer and his defensive staff decided to dedicate some extra time to it months before their match up with Paul Johnson and the Yellow Jackets. So this week, when the scout team comes out in the flexbone, it won't be new to the Orange defense, it will be something they've been eyeing for months.

"It's been Georgia Tech ever since the summer, even during two-a-days." Schafer explained, noting that they would dedicate a little bit of practice time every Sunday to prepare for the triple option. 

It's an interesting strategy, and I'm curious to hear how coaches feel about this approach.

Many defensive minds believe in taking things one game at a time and focusing on the week's opponent, and while this seems to contradict that approach, it does seem to have an advantage (in theory at the very least). The more that your defense is seeing something, the more time they have to get used to their fits and responsibilities, and we all know that one of the advantages of running the triple option from an offensive perspective is that it usually only gives defenses a week to prepare for. Schafer and his staff's approach seems to neutralize that advantage.

We're curious as to your thoughts on this approach. Is it something you have tried (or will try) to implement when you face an option team in the future? Or do you see focusing on a single opponent per week as more advantageous for you and your program?

Tweet to me @CoachSamz with your opinions, and I'll be sure to update the article with some of the noteworthy responses.

Schafer and Syracuse will put their defensive approach to the test at 12:30 pm EST on ESPN3 / ACC Network when they head to Atlanta to take on the Yellow Jackets.