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Is it important to win pretty..."No"

We took the time to listen to Lane Kiffin's presser from yesterday. He made a few great points in here.

First, at the very end of the press conference a reporter asks Coach Kiffin if it's important to "win pretty after two ugly wins" this week vs. Syracuse. Kiffin, "No. It's important to win and it's important for the team to improve." 

Kiffin was also asked about special teams coordinator John Baxter's decision to play starting left tackle Matt Kalil on field goal block (yes, he got the block to save the game vs. Utah). Kiffin's response, "best special teams coach in the country."

Reporter stated that the punts this far haven't been pretty...Kiffin, "you have to look at the whole thing, we also haven't given up a single punt return yard the entire year...we're angling them...the punt may only go 34 or 35 yards; but since there is no return so that's a lot better than when you kick it 50 and they return it 20..."

For what it's worth, Houston is currently leading the nation with a 50.8 net yard / punt (including opponents returning 3 punts for -5 yards). Tip of the cap to special teams coordinator Tony Levine.